This detailed video explains you step by step how to apply the thermometer and how to use the FerverSmart App so that you can track your child’s temperature.



Part One: Unboxing

What’s in the box and what is the purpose of each piece?



Part Two: Setting up FeverSmart 

This video explains how to get started to use your new FeverSmart Temperature Monitor. It walks you through each step of the process to Pair the Monitor with the App and increase your confidence in monitoring your child’s temperature.



Part Three: How to Apply the FeverSmart Patch 

This  video explains how to apply the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor onto your child. It first walks you through how to stick the adhesive patch onto the Monitor, then shows you the optimal positions to stick the Monitor on you child. The position of the Monitor is important to ensure the accuracy* of the temperature readings. The video also gives tips to apply the Monitor on a wriggly child.




Part Four: How to use app 

This video explains how to use the FeverSmart app. It explains the different temperature screens and what they mean and also reminds to you to allow Push Notifications while using the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor: if they are disabled, you will not receive important warnings. The video also explains the interesting features of the App, like medicine and symptom tracking, and where you can find support in the Settings section. 



User Guide:

A PDF copy of the instructions for use that is found inside the pack can be found here: User Manual

Our Quick Start user guide is located here.