Please note that only the Nurofen for Children FeverSmart Temperature Monitor & Refill is available for sale through this website. Also, we currently only deliver to addresses within UK Mainland.

Can I close the app/run it in the background?

My Monitor doesn’t have a very long Bluetooth® range /won’t reach as far as expected

What do I do if I lose connection between phone and the Monitor?

The App keeps losing connection to the Monitor (even if my phone stays in one place)

How do I delete the data you have stored?

What will you do with my data?

What is normal body temperature and how is it defined?

Does an elevated body temperature always mean fever?

How does FeverSmart measure temperature?

Should I be worried if my child's temperature is constantly changing throughout the day?

Should I be worried if my child's temperature is high?

Is the thermometer accurate/reliable?

How is the temperature transmitted from the device to my phone?

For what age range can the Monitor be used

How do I put the Monitor on without my child noticing?

Can I use the Monitor on both armpits, is there a difference in temperature in the two arms?

Is the Monitor waterproof?

How does this product help monitor children who have a fever?

Can I stick the Monitor anywhere else on the body?

How long can the device stay on the child?

Can the Monitor be used on adults?

Is the product suitable for babies?

Could a child swallow the Monitor?

I've heard Bluetooth® is dangerous. Can Bluetooth® be used on my child?

My child has had a reaction to the patch what do I do?

Can the adhesive be used for childen with sensitive skin?

Will the adhesive damage my child's skin when it is removed?

What standards has the Temperature Monitor met?

In which countries is FeverSmart™ available?

Why is the Monitor this shape? Can I get another shape?

Will the adhesive leave a residue when it is removed?

Does the device contain medication (as it comes from Nurofen)?

How do I clean the Monitor without damaging it?

Can the batteries overheat?



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