How to reduce her fever without medicine.

There are non-medical approaches to lower your child’s fever to help you avoid medications like paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Keep in mind, reducing your child’s fever does not address the main illness or problem (a fever can actually help fight off an infection). However, if the child’s temperature is high enough to cause discomfort or dehydration, lowering the fever can help.

Give these methods a try:

● Plenty of fluids and chilled foods, like popsicles or yogurt, can cool your child’s body and help with hydration.

● Remove a few layers of clothing. This can help your child lose body heat easier. A light layer can also work. If your child is shivering, use a blanket to get them warm again. 

● Stay in a cool place inside your home. Or, stay in the shade if you’re outside.



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