5 reasons every parent should own a smart thermometer

Are smart thermometers the best type of thermometer?

A sick kid. A long night. And a fever.

If you can already feel the sleep deprivation, chances are, you’ve been there. Parents everywhere have felt the pain of looking after a ​sick and feverish child​ overnight (and know they likely will again) and yearn for a bit of relief when the inevitable happens.

That’s where the ​FeverSmart Temperature Monitor​ comes in handy.

This handy smart thermometer contains a patch which you stick underneath your child’s armpit and it sends your child’s temperature to your smartphone. It continuously and accurately monitors your child’s temperature* as they sleep, sending you visual and audible updates whenever the temperature rises above 38C.

Nifty, right? We think so too.

Here are just a few reasons why every parent of young children should get one of these.

You’ll worry less

Not knowing is just the worst, isn’t it? When we’re worried about our kid’s ​high temperature​, it’s tempting to keep sneaking into their room with our trusty thermometers blazing and ready to go. Could their temperature have spiked in the last 15 minutes, ​ you ask yourself? ​Has it gone down yet ​ ? The worries are never-ending. But with the FeverSmart, you can comfortably park yourself in front of the TV (or stove, or laptop, or comfortably on your bed), with smartphone in hand, and relax as the Monitor does (a lot of) the worrying for you**.

Don’t wake up your child

You’ve finally got your child to sleep. Poor thing. He’s tired, cranky, and needs plenty of rest. The last thing you want to do is wake him up. With the FeverSmart, you can avoid waking up your precious baby during the night just to check his temperature. Instead, let him sleep peacefully so his little body can fight off those nasty bugs.

Keep the lights off

Even if your usual thermometer doesn’t wake your child as you quietly try to take their temperature, turning the light on so you can read what it says just might! The FeverSmart solves that little problem for you. Not only does the app give you a real-time update of your child’s temperature, but it’s also colour coded so you know immediately whether your child’s temperature is high or hovering in the normal range (pretty handy when you’re half-asleep yourself).

The FeverSmart app colour coding scheme.


Avoid the fussing and crying

Some kids don’t like thermometers. They ​really ​ don’t like them. If the act of taking your child’s temperature feels like a battle you’d rather not have, then a smart thermometer may be the answer to your anguish. Your child can wear one patch for a full 24 hours before you need to attach another (though some parents may want to change it more often) so you can continuously track your child’s temperature without the tantrums. The ​patches are easy to replace too​.

No need to time your temperature checks

Though you still need to check on your child throughout the night to make sure they’re ok, knowing that the FeverSmart is keeping track of their temperature for you is one less alarm (or several!) that you’ll need to set during a feverish night. If you wake up at all during the night and want to know your child’s temperature, simply open the app and gain peace of mind.

Whether you’re currently reading this with a sick child in your arms, or nodding along as you realise that you may be in this position very soon, getting yourself ​a smart thermometer​ is a very wise investment.

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*Accurate within ±0.2°C with correct usage. Environmental factors & child’s position may result in greater variance. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Always continue to monitor you child’s wellbeing.

**Nurofen For Children FeverSmart™ Temperature Monitor does not replace continuous parental vigilance. Continue to monitor your child’s health and well-being.